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This is the jump page for mapping NMRiH. Here you can find various guides and helpful topics regarding mapping and level design.

Table of Contents

Level Design Concepts/Technicals NMRiH Specific Entities Gamemode Related
Visibility Zombie Spawning Survival Gamemode Setup
Player Spawning Objectives Gamemode Setup
Nav Blocker Extraction
Item Spawning

Level Design Concepts/Technicals


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NMRiH Specific Entities

Zombie Spawning

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You need to complete this section of spawn brush setup for both Objective and Survival game modes. A requirement for the spawn system is to have a overlord_zombie_helper entity within the map.

Player Spawning

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No More Room in Hell uses the info_player_nmrih entity as the player spawn point.

Gamemode Related

Survival Gamemode Setup

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Introduced in patch 1.03, Survival is a wave-based game mode where the survivors try to hold out against waves of the zombie horde while defending up to six separate "safe zones". Survival maps use the NMS_ prefix.

Objectives Gamemode Setup

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No More Room in Hell uses a slightly unique system for having objective gameplay in its maps. The system may seem a little complex at first but is quite flexible.


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At each of your chosen extraction points, place a nmrih_extract_point entity.


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No More Room in Hell uses an external system for barricade points. However, the process for this is quite simple. In order for your map to use barricading, you need to place nmrih_barricade_point entities

Item Spawning

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No More Room in Hell has a customized system of spawning items, weapons, and ammo. There are two ways of spawning items: directly (via classname), and randomly.