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Player Spawning Setup

From No More Room in Hell
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No More Room in Hell uses the info_player_nmrih entity as the player spawn point.

Key tips to think about when placing player spawn points:

  • There must be at least 8 player spawn points per map. The more the merrier!
  • Spawn points don't need to be far apart from one another but keep them a reasonable distance apart (> 64 units)
  • Leave at least 32 units of space around each spawn point to avoid the player getting stuck. NOTE: If your spawn points are perfectly level with the ground, they will not be recognized, and may cause your game to be stuck at "Waiting for spawn..." when you load your map!

- The info_player_nmrih entity contains inputs to enable or disable itself. Use these to allow the players to spawn further into a map as the game progresses.

- The info_player_nmrih entity has a spawn flag called Default Spawn. Spawn points marked with this are the ones that are enabled at the start of a given round / map.