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Ruger Mark III

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Ruger Mark III
V fa mkiii 04.jpg
Weapon Type: Firearm
Firearm Type: Handgun
Ammunition: .22 LR
Clip Size: 10+1
Fire Rate: Semi-auto
Reload Time: ~3 sec.
Accuracy: ?
Weight: 10

The Ruger Mark III is the latest variant of the Ruger rimfire pistols. Popular across the states as a premier and inexpensive target pistol used to introduce hundreds if not thousands of shooters to the sport of pistol shooting or to try new and inexperienced pistol shooters alike, it offers a smooth action and near non-existent recoil. Frequently a popular pistol for "Plinking", Target Shooting and close range pest control.

The Ruger Mark III comes with 10+1 rounds and a red single dot illuminate-able ironsight.

The Ruger Mark III can be used in conjunction with the maglite.


The Ruger Mark III has very low recoil but is powerful enough to kill zombies with 2 shots in the head,although the capacity is too low for medium range combat,it is recommended to use this in close quarters only.

Pros and Cons

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