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Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Rare
Damage: Medium-High
Stamina Usage: Medium
Mag Lite: Yes
Class Name: me_machete

Machetes are common tools for landscaping and forestry. They resemble a giant knife or sword, with a synthetic handle and a long, tempered steel blade meant to chop through large and thick tree branches and foliage. As a weapon it is capable of splitting bone with relative ease and it encounters very little air resistance resulting in fast swings.

The Machete in No More Room in Hell is a high speed, one-handed weapon that deals medium-high damage.


The machete is extremely light, allows for flashlight usage, and produces one-hit kills to the head with a great degree of reliability. Thus, a player with a machete becomes almost a one-man army of sorts when wielding this weapon. Unfortunately, since it's relatively rare compared to other weapons, acquiring this weapon on objective maps can be a little tricky.

A machete/flashlight combo allows a player to become an explorer of sorts, since both hardly slow the player down. The ability to dodge zombies easily, sprint quickly, and take out the walking dead with ease allows the player to explore parts of the map a two-handed weapon- or at least a heavier one-handed weapon- might not permit.

On a defensive or offensive standpoint, the machete is almost as effective as the fire axe in terms of sheer destruction. While it does drain the stamina to a greater degree than other weapons, specifically the hatchet and the baseball bat, it can kill a great degree of zombies in a short period of time. Unfortunately, it sometimes fails to kill a zombie with one hit and instead requires several follow-up blows to finish them off. This can swiftly drain stamina, leaving the player to retreat to regain energy.

Perhaps this weapon's drawbacks are few but significant: it's rare, players seeing a machete-wielding player assume they will take the front in fighting zombies, it can be a little exhausting to use, and it doesn't knock back zombies as effectively as a blunt weapon. Nevertheless, it's a fantastic weapon in the right hands for scouts, fighters, and defenders alike.

Pros and Cons


  • High damage and likelihood of one-hit headkills
  • Decent range
  • Can be used with a maglite


  • Somewhat slow attack speed
  • Moderate to heavy stamina usage- 9 to 12 swings before exhaustion
  • Somewhat rare
  • Not likely to knock back zombies