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Gameui swedish

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	"Language" "Svenska (Swedish)" 

	"NMRiH_Dev_NextObjective"			"Nästa mål: %s1"

	"NMRiH_CharSelect_Random"			"Slumpvis"

	"NMRiH_Options_Compass"				"Kompass"
	"NMRiH_Options_InventoryWeapons"		"Vapen"
	"NMRiH_Options_InventoryAmmo"			"Ammunition"
	"NMRiH_Options_VoiceCommands"			"Röstkommandon"
	"NMRiH_Options_Suicide"				"Jag ångrar ingenting"
	"NMRiH_Options_Shove"				"Putta/Slå"
	"NMRiH_Options_ShowObjective"			"Visa aktuellt mål"
	"NMRiH_Options_DropWeapon"			"Släng vapen"
	"NMRiH_Options_Sprint"				"Sprinta"
	"NMRiH_Options_Reload"				"Ladda om (håll intryckt för att kontrollera ammo)"
	"NMRiH_Options_Holster"				"Hölstra vapen"

	"VoiceSet"					"Röstval"
	"AmmoCheckType"					"Kontrollera ammo"

	"AmmoCheckType_Both"				"Röst and HUD"
	"AmmoCheckType_Voice"				"Endast röst"
	"AmmoCheckType_HUD"				"Endast HUD"

	"Title_CharacterSelect"				"Välj karaktär"