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"Language" "German" 

"NMRiH_Dev_NextObjective"		"Nächstes Ziel: %s1"

"NMRiH_CharSelect_Random"		"Zufällig"

"NMRiH_Options_Compass"			"Kompass"
"NMRiH_Options_InventoryWeapons"	"Waffen-Inventar"
"NMRiH_Options_InventoryAmmo"		"Munitions-Inventar"
"NMRiH_Options_VoiceCommands"		"Sprachbefehle"
"NMRiH_Options_Suicide"			"Ich bereue gar nichts!"
"NMRiH_Options_Shove"			"Stoßen/Schlagen"
"NMRiH_Options_ShowObjective"		"Aktuelles Ziel anzeigen"
"NMRiH_Options_DropWeapon"		"Waffe fallen lassen"
"NMRiH_Options_Sprint"			"Sprinten"
"NMRiH_Options_Reload"			"Nachladen (halten um Munition zu checken)"
"NMRiH_Options_Holster"			"Waffe ins Holster stecken"

"VoiceSet"				"Voice Set"
"AmmoCheckType"				"Munitions Check"

"AmmoCheckType_Both"			"Sprache und HUD"
"AmmoCheckType_Voice"			"Nur Sprache"
"AmmoCheckType_HUD"			"Nur HUD"

"Title_CharacterSelect"			"Charakter auswählen"