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Gameui balkan

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"Language" "Balkan" 
"NMRiH_Dev_NextObjective" "Sljedeći Cilj: %s1"
"NMRiH_CharSelect_Random" "Bilo koji"
"NMRiH_Options_Compass" "Kompas"
"NMRiH_Options_InventoryWeapons" "Inventar Oružja"
"NMRiH_Options_InventoryAmmo" "Inventar Municije"
"NMRiH_Options_VoiceCommands" "Glasovne Komande"
"NMRiH_Options_Suicide" "Ničeg se ne kajem"
"NMRiH_Options_Shove" "Gurni"
"NMRiH_Options_ShowObjective" "Prikaz trenutnog cilja"
"NMRiH_Options_DropWeapon" "Baci oružje"
"NMRiH_Options_Sprint" "Šprint"
"NMRiH_Options_Reload" "Napuniti (drži za provjeru municije)"
"NMRiH_Options_Holster" "Sakrij oružje"
"VoiceSet" "Glasovni Set"
"AmmoCheckType" "Provjera Municije"
"AmmoCheckType_Both" "Glas i HUD"
"AmmoCheckType_Voice" "Samo glas"
"AmmoCheckType_HUD" "Samo HUD"
"Title_CharacterSelect" "Odabir lika"