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Objective mode focuses on banding a group of survivors together, who must complete a series of predetermined tasks in order to complete the map they're in. Unlike in other zombie mods, No More Room in Hell uses an Objective Branching system which allows the map to randomly decide which objective the survivors must complete before they move on into the next area. This means that in every new round, the tasks that the survivors must accomplish may change, so they have to be vigilant and cautious. The ultimate goal is to reach the extraction zone before time runs out. Generally, Objective maps range from small and linear maps, to large and complex maps.
The objectives range from simple item collecting to say, firing a nuclear ICBM. Most of these objectives will have a glow outline which will highlight its importance to the player. You, the player, can also use the compass to help locate these areas or items (default key is C). Grey dots point you to the current objective you need to go to, red dots point you to important objects that you need to carry or pick up and bring to the current objective (grey dot on the compass).
If you are unaware on what to do, you can also bring up the current objective on your screen which also provides the compass (default C).


Survival mode focuses on two things: Area Defense and Survival.
The National Guard designated certain areas as "safe zones" for survivor groups to regroup at and wait for extraction. Unbeknownst to the survivors though, the "safe zones" are actually being used as zombie bait to lure the massive undead horde away from the major metropolitan areas, to buy the National Guard some time to evacuate the remaining populace (as well as giving them breathing space after constant battles with the undead).
Players must defend predefined areas (the loading screen and the compass will show where they are) while simultaneously attempting to stay alive. These predefined areas (referred in-game as "Zones") may differ across each map but generally, they're relatively safe to return to and regroup.
Zombies will enter the map through a wave system. The longer you survive, the more zombies you must face down (25 zombies in wave one vs. 210 zombies in wave two) and runners/children will start to make a more common appearance.
After each few waves, the National Guard will send in a UH-60 Blackhawk to deliver your group supplies in the form of a supply crate. (determined by each individual map/level). The crate contains various weapons, items, and ammo. Dead/late-joining players will also respawn in this phase. You can call for more supply drops by shooting a flare gun out into the open sky. However, the chopper will only appear if you used up the pre-existing supply crate that was dropped earlier (the National Guard wants you to make every bullet count before they hand over more supplies from their own dwindling pool!)
duffel bags
A duffel bag that is used to repair zones.


If zombies enter the predefined areas that you need to defend, they will start attacking/vandalizing/destroying the place. If you allow the areas to fall, the National Guard will consider you a lost cause and discontinue their supply drops, leaving you with no help and no shelter, surrounded by an angry horde of undead... However, if you manage to keep onto those predefined areas long enough, the National Guard may send in a form of extraction! (decided by map/level) In the new update, if you allow all of the zones to fall, the game will end and you will have to restart.
Zone Repair
Players can repair these areas by finding duffel bags with glow sticks on them, and dropping them into the safe zone. These bags are located inside specially marked crates (long, narrow yellowish crates with FEMA marked on them). They will replenish 25% health to the safe zone.

Health Stations

Players can also set up health stations in the safe zone, they'll need to find specially marked red crates (big, red crates with some FEMA markings on them). Once you've found one, just place the crate into the predetermined spot that you need to put it into (meaning, place the crate into a transparent looking health supply crate boundary). Each crate can heal up to 200 health.


You have two ways of respawning in survival mode; waiting till the next wave starts, or using up your earned respawn tickets. You earn a respawn ticket by killing at least 20 zombies in the current wave. If unused, these tickets will be removed at the start of the next wave. If you use a respawn ticket, you will spawn in with 100% health. Otherwise, you will respawn with 50% health.