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Zombie Spawning Setup

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Zombie spawning in No More Room in Hell is handled by one of the Overlord's helper entities, overlord_zombie_helper

Setup Instructions

In order for zombie spawning to work in your map, you need to place an overlord_zombie_helper entity anywhere in your map. This entity is responsible for handling the spawning of any zombies in the game. You also need to place func_zombie_spawn brushes throughout your map where you want zombies to be able to spawn.

Objective Zombie Spawning Setup

Set up one spawn brush per room or hallway, and try to split larger outdoor zones into multiple smaller zones.

The func_zombie_spawn brushes will automatically fill with zombies the closer the players get to them. If you think there are too many or too few zombies in a specific spawn brush, set the spawn_density to a value between .1 and 10. "10" is 10x normal zombies. ".1" is 10% normal zombies.

Auto-regeneration occurs over time, and by default zones are set to auto-regenerate to 60% of their maximum zombies no matter how many zombies are killed. If you would like a zone to deactivate after it's last zombie is killed set spawn_regen_target to 0.

Wave Based Zombie Spawning Setup

Set up func_zombie_spawn brushes around the perimeter of your map where the zombies should come from. The func_zombie_spawn entities should have their Disable Self Thinking spawn flag checked.

Introduced in 1.02

Zombie navigation (and to a lesser extent, spawning) is now controlled with nav meshes; this means you must create a .nav file in order for the func_zombie_spawn brushes to activate properly

To create a .nav you must

  • Start NMRiH up and load your map as a local server (highly recommended that you compile the newest version of your map for this purpose)
  • Type sv_cheats 0 into the console (` to open console) and hit enter
  • Type sv_idle_autokick_enabled 0 into console and hit enter
  • Type nav_generate into console and hit enter

Depending on how big and complex the map is, the process will take a few minutes to a few hours.