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|firearm             ie: Ruger MKiii, Chainsaw, Flare Gun
|image file          ie: image.jpg, picture.png, icon.img
|[[weapon type]]     ie: [[Firearm]], [[Melee]], [[Explosive]]
|[[firearm type]]    ie: [Handgun]], [[Shotgun]], [[Rifle]]
|[[ammunition]]      ie: [[.22 LR]]
|clip size           ie: 2, 10+1, ∞
|fire rate           ie: Automatic, Semi-auto, Lever Action
|reload time         ie: ~3 seconds, instant, nope
|accuracy            ie: Stevie Wonder, storm trooper, Craig Harrison
|weight              ie: 0.5, 10, 100

Ruger MKiii
V fa mkiii 04.jpg
Weapon Type: Firearm
Firearm Type: Handgun
Ammunition: .22 LR
Clip Size: 10+1
Fire Rate: Semi-auto
Reload Time: ~3 seconds
Accuracy: coming soon
Weight: 10