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Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Uncommon
Damage: Medium-High
Stamina Usage: High
Mag Lite: No
Class Name: me_sledge

Sledgehammers are common construction tools used in the cracking of ground, aggregate, pavement or concrete. They are large with long handles acting as a lever and a solid and heavy steel head. They are able to apply an extreme amount of physical impulse and massive force on to a direct area inflicting incredible damage.

The Sledgehammer in NMRiH is a slow speed, two-handed weapon that deals very high damage.

The Sledgehammer cannot be used in conjunction with a maglite


Pros and Cons


  • Heavy quick attack damage- frequent one-hit kills to the head
  • Charged attack almost guaranteed to either kill with a headshot or knock back the zombie
  • Amusing to watch zombies go flying back after a charged attack
  • Long range for a melee weapon


  • Somewhat uncommon
  • Heavy
  • Slow attack speed
  • Uses up a LOT of stamina
  • Not quite as effective as fire ax with quick attack
  • Cannot use a maglite with this weapon