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(Pros and Cons)
(Pros and Cons)
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* Somewhat quick
* Somewhat quick
* Somewhat frugal on energy
* Somewhat frugal on energy- 20 to 25 swings before exhaustion
* Very common
* Very common

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Pipe Wrench
Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Very Common
Damage: Medium
Stamina Usage: Light-Medium
Mag Lite: No
Class Name: me_mwrench

The Pipe Wrench is an adjustable household plumbing and maintenance tool designed by Daniel Stillson in 1869. They vary in size and length, and are made out of steel and can exert incredible amounts of direct and angular pressure.

The Pipe Wrench in NMRiH is a medium speed, two-handed weapon that deals medium-high damage.


The Pipe Wrench is a generally avoided weapon- and for good reason. Perhaps its sole virtue could be that it is a common enough weapon; it can be picked up on the tool bench in Broadway next to the FastEx van, for example. Beyond that, however, it's heavy, packs a punch relative to the lead pipe, cannot be wielded with a maglite, it's charge attack obscures one view, and it lacks the range of other two-handed melee weapons.

It is, generally speaking, less exhausting and quicker than other two-handed weapons. A series of rapid blows can and will defeat a zombie, and one good blow to the head with this weapon after fully charged still has a good chance to take down a zombie with one hit. Beyond this, however, the sledgehammer and fire ax will both take down zombies with greater frequency, and both the baseball bat and spade have the comfort of range to make up for their weaker power. Even the lead pipe has the virtue of allowing the use of a maglite, leaving the pipe wrench as simply a mediocre weapon.

If and when one is desperate enough to wield up, simply avoid tackling large groups of zombies and simply take on zombies attempting to attack players- a series of attacks is bound to eventually knock the zombie back. In other words, destroying a few stragglers rather than a larger number of zombies is preferable with this type of weapon.

In the very least, it is a better option than just fists.

Pros and Cons


  • Somewhat quick
  • Somewhat frugal on energy- 20 to 25 swings before exhaustion
  • Very common


  • Heavy
  • Shortish range
  • Weak for a two-handed weapon- and perhaps even for a one-handed weapon
  • Does not allow for wielding a maglite along with it