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The Crowbar is a medium-high speed, one-handed weapon that deals medium-high damage.


Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Semi Common
Damage: Light to Medium
Stamina Usage: Light
Mag Lite: yes
Class Name: me_crowbar

Sometimes called a prybar or jimmy bar, the crowbar is a long steel beam with a prying blade on the bottom and a curved neck with two teeth for grasping bolts, nails, and more. Crowbars can be found in many sizes and have practical uses in many maintenance, engineering, construction, warehouse, and sanitation work.


Pros and Cons


  • Relatively fast compared to two-handed weapons
  • Easy on stamina usage
  • Can hold a flash light in the other hand
  • Charged attacks are very effective when aimed at the head
  • Unlike other flashlight-compatible weapons, when performing a charged attack, the flashlight does not move


  • Almost as heavy as a two-handed weapon
  • Range is iffy
  • One-hit kills with quick attack quite rare
  • Knock back not common despite being a "blunt" weapon
  • Two-hit kills not guaranteed



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