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Beretta M9

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Beretta Perennia SV10
Weapon Type: Firearm
Firearm Type: Shotgun
Ammunition: 12 Gauge
Clip Size: 2
Fire Rate: Semi-auto
Reload Time: ~6-7 seconds
Accuracy: ???
Weight: 35

The Beretta 92FS, known by its Department of Defense designation of M9, is a very common civilian, law enforcement and military sidearm. It was developed in the 1980s and adopted in 1985 to replace the Colt M1911A1 as the standard sidearm of the US military.

Beretta M9
Beretta M9 pistol

The Beretta M9 featured in NMRiH is chambered in 9x19mm ammunition and stores 15 rounds per magazine.

The Beretta M9 can be used in conjunction with a maglite.


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