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Zombie Spawning Setup

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Zombie spawning in No More Room in Hell is handled by one of the Overlord's helper entities, overlord_zombie_helper

The overlord_zombie_helper entity controls two different types of spawning, Periodic and Instant.

Periodic Spawning
Refers to the spawning that is done actively by the overlord in order to give the feeling of continually spawning zombies.
Instant Spawning
Refers to any spawning that is done in one shot, for example as an event or during the wave system.

Whenever the spawner tries to spawn zombies, it will spread the zombies over all active func_zombie_spawn entities unless otherwise specified.

Setup Instructions

The overlord_zombie_helper entity relies on having func_zombie_spawn brushes around your map in order to spawn zombies. Spawning will be spread across all active brushes unless otherwise specified. In order to keep the player feeling like they are surrounded by zombies, brushes will need to be enabled and disabled as the map progresses. Optionally, brushes may have their spawn frequencies reduced or increased in order to reduce or increase difficulty or spread of zombies.

Please see the individual overlord_zombie_helper and func_zombie_spawn pages for details on these entities.

How to setup

In order for zombie spawning to work in your map, you need to place an overlord_zombie_helper entity anywhere in your map. This entity is responsible for handling the spawning of any zombies in the game. You also need to place func_zombie_spawn brushes throughout your map where you want zombies to be able to spawn. Note: For wave maps, the func_zombie_spawn entities should have its Disable Self Thinking spawn flag checked

Introduced in 1.02

Zombie navigation (and to a lesser extent, spawning) is now controlled with nav meshes; this means you must create a .nav file in order for the func_zombie_spawn brushes to activate properly

To create a .nav you must

  • Start NMRiH up and load your map as a local server (highly recommended that you compile the newest version of your map for this purpose)
  • Type sv_cheats 0 into the console (` to open console) and hit enter
  • Type sv_idle_autokick_enabled 0 into console and hit enter
  • Type nav_generate into console and hit enter

Depending on how big and complex the map is, the process will take a few minutes to a few hours.