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The weapons in No More Room in Hell are meant to reflect a varied assortment of civilian, law enforcement and military firearms as well as obvious and unique melee weapons for close combat. Weapons are usually common in and around the opening areas of a level, to equip players initially. Weapons become less common place and more rare as the levels go on, forcing players to search high and low from obvious places such as gun shops to the less conspicuous areas such as behind a knocked over book shelf.

During Gameplay

Weapons can be equipped from the Radial Inventory, by clicking on the weapon with Mouse1. Clicking Mouse2 on the weapon will drop it to the ground for another player to pick up. Weapons can also be equipped by scrolling with the mousewheel.

By default, pressing and holding Mouse2 will shoulder the firearm to ironsights mode for more precision. Your movement and field of view are more constrained while in ironsights. Releasing Mouse2 will return you to hip firing.

All weapons and equipment have an assigned mass that will affect the player's mobility and agility. A encumbrance of inventory will also result in a faster stamina drain.


The ability to bash, to shove back an opponent, is a key gameplay mechanic to NMRiH.

The "bash" function in action
Zombies can grab players preventing any further movement and massively increase the risk of infection. Bashing (sometimes referred to as "shoving") a zombie will push them out of your way by a couple of feet and break any hold on you that they may have had. Generally speaking bashing does not do much damage, but some weapons such as the SKS (which features a bayonet) do substantial damage when bashing.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons are by far the most common place of all weapons in NMRiH. They can be found all over the place and vary in size and speed. Some melee weapons are one handed, which allows them to be used with the flashlight. Most melee weapons do not have this ability however, as many are large and cumbersome.

Fire Axe

Baseball Bat


Pipe Wrench

Lead Pipe





Charged Attacks

All melee weapons feature a "charged" attack which can be accomplished by pressing and holding Mouse1 (default) and given a few seconds the attack should be fully charged. Winding up with a charged attack is a sure way to deal a massive blow to any hostile, but keep in mind that charged attacks drain stamina in chunks.


Tools in NMRiH are used in two capacities. The first is behaving more or less like a traditional melee weapon (except the flaregun, which behaves like a pistol). The second capacity is the special functionality of each, filling a certain roll that is unique for each tool.


Fire Extinguisher

Flare Gun

Barricade Hammer


Special Applications

As listed above each tool has its own unique abilities. Many of these are used to complete objectives (extinguishing fires, cutting through doors) while others augment the gameplay (barricading doors, signalling for a supply drop). By default if the player uses Mouse2 (default), this will activate the Special of the tool. This applies to all except the flaregun, whose functionality is only achieved if fired in to the sky at an angle at or greater than 75 degrees.



Beretta M9 - A common civilian and law enforcement sidearm chambered in 9mm Luger ammunition. The M9 is also the standard sidearm of the United States Army. It holds 15 rounds per magazine.

Colt National Match 1911 - 100 years of pedigree have gone in to making the Colt 1911 one of the finest handguns ever built. After many years in service with the US Army, the rugged, powerful and reliable .45 pistol still sees much use in the civilian firearm market. It holds seven rounds per magazine.

Smith & Wesson 686-6 - One of Smith & Wesson's finest modern double-action revolvers, the .357 Magnum 686-6 features a 4.5 inch barrel and a six-round cylinder.


Beretta SV10 Perennia - A high-class trap shooting over-under shotgun manufactured by Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta in Italy, this 12 Gauge shotgun features premium hand-treated wood and a hand engraved polished steel alloy nickel-plated receiver. This full size beauty of a sporting shotgun sells for a wopping $3500.

Remington 870 Police Magnum - One of the best selling pump-action shotguns ever designed, the Remington 870 has seen an unending, massive wave of popularity in the civilian market since its introduction in 1951. It is also a favorite of local and state police forces, as well as an issued firearm of many branches of the Department of Defense. It comes with an 8 round tube magazine.

Winchester Super X3 - A semi-automatic 12 Gauge shotgun designed specifically for the sporting and hunting civilian market, the Winchester Super X3 has won numerous awards for its reliability and ergonomics, being used frequently in competitive shooting or in bird hunting. It can hold five rounds.


Ruger 10/22 - With over five million manufactured rifles since 1964, the Ruger 10/22 is one of the best selling and most common civilian rimfire rifles in the world. By no means fancy or posh, this cheap simple rifle has been used for generations to introduce children to the world of shooting sports, and is frequently used for target plinking, small game hunting and pest control.

Simonov SKS - Designed by Sergei Simonov for the USSR in 1944 and based on the German StG-44 and the Russian AVS-36, the SKS was one of the first firearms to be chambered for the now-infamous 7.62x39mm Soviet cartridge. The SKS is a wildly popular rifle in the civilian market due to its cheap cost and high surplus numbers. Most in civilian ownership can trace their origins to service in the Red Army. It is loaded by ten round stripper clips.

Sako 85 - Manufactured by Finnish firearm manufacturer Sako Limited, the Sako Model 85 was first built in 2006 for the international hunting and sporting market. It is available in a wide range calibers ranging from .22-250 Rem all the way up to .416 RemMag. The Sako 85 featured in NMRiH is equipped with a Bushnell Dusk and Dawn hunting optic, and chambered in .308 Winchester with five round magazines.

Military & Police

FN M16A4 - Based on the original AR designed by Eugene Stoner in 1958, the decades have been good to the classic design and have seen it pass through a number of iterations. The current standard assault rifle of the United States forces is the M16A4 manufactured by FN Herstal, and is commonly used in semi-automatic fire mode and often equipped with a Trijicon ACOG optic as well as KAC M5 handguard for equipping vertical grips. They come equipped with 30 round magazines chambered in 5.56mmx45 NATO ammunition.

HK MP5A3 - Made famous in 1980 after being used in a raid by British SAS commandos to liberate the Iranian Embassy in London, the MP5 family of submachine guns has gone on to become one of the best selling and most widely used submachine guns in the world. It is used in the United States by numerous local, state and federal agencies from everything from security to law enforcement to special forces operations. The MP5A3 is chambered in 9mm Luger and uses 30 round magazines.


Ironsighting is possible with all firearms, and can be done by holding down Mouse2 (default) for the desired duration.

Iron Sights on the 1911 pistol.
Ironsighting raises the firearm up to eye level allowing you to look down the sights and greatly improve your accuracy, and narrow your cone of fire to help preserve ammunition.

New in 1.05: If you do not move while scoping in with the ironsights, after 3 seconds you will focus in and deal addional damage. This causes one hit head shots with the 9mm pistols.


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