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VoteKick/VoteBan VoteKick and VoteBan Systems

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Note:This function was removed as of version 1.07.

Introduced in Beta Patch 1.01 is a new VoteKick and VoteBan system. This allows players to kick or ban abusive / team killing players without the need of an admin present.


In order to initiate a votekick or a voteban, you will need to know the ID of the player you want to kick or ban. In order to find this out, say !vklist in the chat window. You should see output like the following:

User IDs for votekick are as follows:

1 SuperCoolDude

2 AnnoyingDude

3 SomeOtherGuy


The number to the left is the ID of the player. To then initiate a vote, say !vk # or !vb #, where # is the ID of the player. This will bring up a vote:

Votekick/Voteban started for player: PLAYER

You have ## seconds to vote.

Say !yes to vote for this kick.

If you would like to vote for this kick or ban, simply say !yes in chat. Once a certain number of players vote yes (51% for kick or 66.7% for ban by default), the player will be kicked or banned from the server. If the vote does not pass after a certain amount of time, the vote will fail.

Server Console Variables

The following console variables can be used to change the effects of the votekick / voteban systems.

Note:sv_voteban_banlength may not be set to 0. Perma bans are not allowed through the voteban system.
Cvar Description Default
sv_votekick_timer Time in seconds until a kick/ban vote expires. 10
sv_votekick_required_pct Percent of players required to vote yes for kick to pass. 0.5
sv_voteban_required_pct Percent of players required to vote yes for ban to pass. 0.65
sv_voteban_banlength Time the player is banned for, in minutes. 30