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Survival Setup

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Survival Overview

Introduced in patch 1.03, Survival is a wave-based game mode where the survivors try to hold out against waves of the zombie horde while defending up to six separate "safe zones".

Survival maps use the NMS_ prefix.

To get survival working in your map

There are a few key things that are required for survival mode to work: zombie spawning, a wave controller, safe zones, chopper drop point and entry/exit points, a "3d nav mesh", and (optionally) safe zone supply + heal kits.

1. Set up zombie spawning as in Zombie_Spawning_Setup.

2. Add from 1 to 6 func_safe_zone brush entities covering the areas you would like to be considered safe zones. Any more than 6 safe zones will be ignored (and is too much anyways!).

3. Add an overlord_wave_controller to your map. This handles the wave system. With this you can set the starting zombie count, number of additional zombies per wave, spawn cap, and more. Please note that the 'NG Freq' and 'Ending Wave' fields are not currently used. Also, waves currently cap out at 256 zombies.

4. Add one or more resupply_point point entities. These are the locations where the resupply chopper will drop supplies during resupply waves. These should be placed on the ground!

5. Add a nav_area_3d brush covering the sky of your map. This should be no lower than ~768 units above your ground. This is used for the chopper navigation.

6. Add one or more chopper_entryexit_point point entities. These are the locations that a resupply chopper can spawn and despawn. These should be INSIDE of your nav_area_3d.

(Optional) 7. Add one or more nmrih_health_station_location point entities in your safe zones along with nmrih_health_station point entities anywhere in your map. Players can bring the nmrih_health_station entities back to the nmrih_health_station_location and are provided a health station that lets them heal up to a total of 200 damage.

8. Add one or more nmrih_safezone_supply point entities anywhere in your map. Players may +USE this entity to receive an item that, when dropped into a safe zone, heal the safe zone for 10% of its health.

Example Map

An example map, complete with VMF, can be found at this link: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/907542/NMRiH/nms_zone_test.zip