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Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Uncommon
Damage: Medium-High
Stamina Usage: High
Mag Lite: No
Class Name: me_sledge

Sledgehammers are common construction tools used in the cracking of ground, aggregate, pavement or concrete. They are large with long handles acting as a lever and a solid and heavy steel head. They are able to apply an extreme amount of physical impulse and massive force on to a direct area inflicting incredible damage.

The Sledgehammer in NMRiH is a slow speed, two-handed weapon that deals very high damage.

The Sledgehammer cannot be used in conjunction with a maglite


The sledgehammer in a player's possession gives them a weapon that is a combination defensive weapon (high knockback chance) and offensive weapon (high one-hit headkill chance). Despite being slow and exhausting to use, a player with a lot of experience behind this weapon can clear out a room, part of a street, or a long line of zombies with little effort. However, players unfamiliar with this weapon or the game should remain away from the front of the group and instead utilizing charged attacks against zombies.

One method of using this weapon is to used the charged attack against zombies, and this is pretty effective. Moving forward against a zombie, let loose of a fully charged attack and watch the zombie go flying. Move back, allow another survivor to let loose a few hits, then move forward again and kill the next zombie. If it fails to kill, it'll more than likely send the zombie back regardless.

Another take would be to simply utilize quick attacks to swiftly dispatch numerous zombies in order to either advance a group or clear a path for oneself. More zombies can be killed in this hammer, but the chance to miss a one hit kill is greater. In any case, brief rests are required from time to time to allow stamina to build back up.

Either way, be prepared to have space so you can recover stamina. This is especially true on a defensive matter, as finding yourself with zombies swarming a zone and lacking stamina to clear them out- or, worse, running out of stamina while in a corner. The sledgehammer is difficult to use against runners or kids, so be careful with them.

Pros and Cons


  • Heavy quick attack damage- frequent one-hit kills to the head
  • Charged attack almost guaranteed to either kill with a headshot or knock back the zombie
  • Amusing to watch zombies go flying back after a charged attack
  • Long range for a melee weapon


  • Somewhat uncommon
  • Heavy
  • Slow attack speed
  • Uses up a LOT of stamina
  • Not quite as effective as fire ax with quick attack
  • Cannot use a maglite with this weapon