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Pipe Wrench

From No More Room in Hell
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Pipe Wrench
Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Very Common
Damage: Medium
Stamina Usage: Light-Medium
Mag Lite: Yes
Class Name: me_mwrench

The Pipe Wrench is an adjustable household plumbing and maintenance tool designed by Daniel Stillson in 1869. They vary in size and length, and are made out of steel and can exert incredible amounts of direct and angular pressure.

The Pipe Wrench in No More Room in Hell is a medium speed, one-handed weapon that deals medium-high damage.


The pipe wrench is relatively heavy (almost as heavy as the lead pipe), but its swings are fast and the charged attack is enough to bring down a zombie if the head is struck; it is also a very common weapon. However, being only a pipe wrench, the wrench requires the user to be much closer to a zombie that with the other weapons (like the sledgehammer and fire axe) without the high damage that weapons like the kitchen knife and machete can offer. Being a blunt weapon, it does have a greater knock back chance, but zombies are usually killed before it comes into effect. This can also be paired with the flashlight, making a good weapon in dark places compared to the two-handed weapons.

Pros and Cons


  • Somewhat quick
  • Somewhat frugal on energy - 20 to 25 swings before exhaustion
  • Very common
  • Can be used with a maglite


  • Heavy for a one-handed weapon
  • Short-ish range
  • Weak compared with the other one-handed weapons