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* [[VoteKick/VoteBan VoteKick and VoteBan Systems|VoteKick and VoteBan Systems]]
* [[VoteKick/VoteBan VoteKick and VoteBan Systems|VoteKick and VoteBan Systems]]
* [[Dedicated Server Setup]]
* [[Dedicated Server Setup]]
* [[:Category:EntitySetup|Mapping for NMRiH]]
* [[Mapping|Mapping for NMRiH]]
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<!--        LANGUAGES OF MAIN-PAGE        -->

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Did you know...

... some firearms will allow you to enter a 'focused' aiming mode, which will double your damage and grant a 75% chance to knock a zombie back?

... you can also use the maglite in conjunction with one handed firearms, by pressing F?

... there's a 25% chance that a Shambler/Runner can enter a fake death mode?

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