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The map list is incomplete, more will be added as they become known.


This small strip of metropolis looms in the shadow of a central New York railway. And in those shadows are countless numbers of the infected. A light sheet of rain blankets the streets as helicopters roar in the heights. Sirens from multiple sources are wailing in the distance as if the world hasn't yet ended. The military has come and gone leaving survivors trapped in Broadway. Held up in an abandoned building across from an aged and fabled theater, the survivors wait in bleak anticipation while dead hands claw at the doors of their safe house. When it becomes clear that help is not coming, the group is faced with the terrible notion that rescue is solely up to them.


Welcome to Manhattan's Chinatown. A bustling web of city streets that inspires tourism with the charming wonders of multiculturalism. Congested in nature, the shop laden streets quickly fell to the outbreak. What little survivors made it out alive were rescued in the Wallabout Bay by the remnants of the Coast Guard. Now the dead writhe along the streets; crowds that once had a taste for the oriental now feast upon human flesh. The neon signs and paper lanterns of Chinatown give off an enchanting glow that is almost beautiful among the debris and gore. A small group of survivors in the deepest part of Chinatown took refuge in the subway. Their only chance is to leave their dank sanctuary and reach the bay in hopes of finding rescue.


On the outskirts of the city lies a cabin, home to many a drunken college party. However, instead of laughter and good times, there are now cries of pain and death. Those that have resided in the cabin before the outbreak have now barricaded themselves up onto the attic. Sooner or later, as supplies dwindle, they must make the tough call of remaining in the attic (and dying from potential starvation) or leaving their gilded cage and risking their lives in an attempt to call for help.


Survivors are trapped in a flooded area.


A slum like area in Brazil, Favela is a survival map with a maze like layout. Since this map reminds Maxx of his terrible tenure on Max Payne 3, he automatically hates it.


An indoor mall, located somewhere in the Northeastern United States.


A homage to Night of the Living Dead (1990).