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Kitchen Knife

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Kitchen Knife

The Kitchen Knife was released in the 1.06 Patch. It is a common household tool used to slice or chop food items.


Kitchen Knife
Knife 105.jpg
Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Unknown
Damage: Unknown
Stamina Usage: Unknown
Mag Lite: Unknown
Class Name: me_kitknife

A Kitchen Knife is a general term for any knife used for food preparation. They can appear in all different sizes, finishes, materials and shapes. The version featured in No More Room in Hell is of a large chef knife variety with a wooden riveted handle. Chef Knives are usually fairly large with 14 inches of overall length with a blade length of 8 inches. Most common kitchen brand Knives are typically of a stainless steel variety.


The Kitchen knife is a short ranged bladed weapon that is both light, easy to handle and provided a good amount of damage. It is somewhat comparable to the Hatchet, sharing a similar range and damage profile, with an equally similar attack rate. It is a perfect backup weapon, taking only a small space in the Inventory while still dishing out decent damage.

Keep your distance and attack with light attacks, its charged attack while dishing out enough damage to kill a child in one hit, it uses up more stamina than necessary and its still possible to kill a child zombie with a single light attack anyway. Two or three attacks are ample in killing a regular Zombie but its short range is its main downfall.

Pro's and Con's


  • Light weight
  • Good Damage - 2 Hits to the head to Kill
  • Uses little space in the Inventory


  • Short ranged
  • Charged Attack no different from Light Attack

Under Construction


A render of the No More Room in Hell Kitchen Knife
A typical Kitchen Knife


  • The Kitchen Knife was slated for release in the 1.05 Patch but was cut to fine tune animations and correct texture glitches and is told it will be released alongside Patch 1.06