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There are a handful of items in NMRiH which are essential to player unity, teamwork and survival. These items are not highlighted or noted in the game and players must actively and vigorously search for them in any given level. They can be picked up using "E" by default.

As of 1.05, if your inventory is at least half full or over, you will suffer a speed penalty.


Tools in NMRiH are used in two capacities. The first is behaving more or less like a traditional melee weapon (except the flaregun, which behaves like a pistol). The second capacity is the special functionality of each, filling a certain roll that is unique for each tool.

Welder -- Can be used to weld shut or cut through specific metal objects.

Fire Extinguisher -- Aside from being a heavy-hitting melee weapon the extinguisher can be used to put out flames to clear paths.

Flare Gun -- Not only a weapon for igniting zombies in to flaming pillars, but can be used to fire a signal flare for a helicopter to drop off a supply crate or even rescue in some maps.

Barricade Hammer -- A quick-hitting melee weapon that also allows the user to barricade doors, windows or other points (as chosen by the level designer) if they have wooden planks in their ammunition inventory.

Maglite -- A crucially important tool used to illuminate the path for yourself and other players. Sometimes it flickers, but don't worry. It is an LED Maglite with batteries that essentially last forever.


Walkie Talkie

Survivors who want to be able to communicate with each other across large distances should seek out the walkie talkie. When picked up, it provides the user a passive and easy way to communicate with other walkie talkie users who are in a different area of the current level they're in.


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This item is the Phalanx anti-infection drug. It is equipped from the Radial Inventory and consumed immediately. It will be removed from the inventory and will cure infection temporarily for 3 minutes, at which point it will slowly start to set back in and resume its deadly course.