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Fire Extinguisher

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Fire Extinguisher
Fire ext.png
Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Rare
Damage: Moderate
Stamina Usage: Moderate to High
Mag Lite: No
Class Name: '

Fire Extinguishers are pieces of emergency equipment used for fire suppression. No More Room in Hell features a multi-purpose fire extinguisher for fighting many different kinds of fires. It will behave as a standard melee weapon, though the alternate fire will ready the hose for spraying fire suppressing foam.

Currently, Fire Extinguishers have no use in the game as the Fire Suppression mechanic has not been implemented yet.

As a weapon, the Fire Extinguisher in No More Room in Hell is a slow speed, two-handed weapon that deals medium damage.


Often only encountered during Survival Maps, the Fire Extinguisher is a useful tool as its fire suppression mechanic has been implemented. The Fire Extinguisher is often found inside Supply Drops.

As a weapon, the Fire Extinguisher is heavy, slow and only deals medium damage with a relatively short range. The fire extinguisher should be avoided as it is not a reliable weapon. If anyone should find themselves using the weapon, keep your distance and make effective use of both charged and light attacks, a charged attack will usually knock a foe back, while a light attack is ample to finish them off. However, its slow speed and short range is its main downsides and should be dropped once a more suitable weapon is found.

Pros and Cons


  • Used for fire suppression


  • Heavy
  • Slow
  • Only deals medium to high damage
  • High stamina drain



Fire Extinguisher
A common Fire Extinguisher.
  • 250 kills with the fire extinguisher will grant the achievement Only YOU. This is a reference to Smokey the Bear's line, "Only YOU can prevent fires."