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Fire Axe

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Fire Axe


Fire Axe
Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: Uncommon
Damage: High
Stamina Usage: Moderate
Mag Lite: No
Class Name: me_axe_fire

The Fire Axe, also known as a Firefighter's Axe, is a tool commonly stored in public areas secured until the event of an emergency. Commonly placed in visible areas along with fire hoses or fire extinguishers, fire axes are used for breaking through obstacles and clearing a path to safety for rescue operations by first responders.

The Fire Axe in NMRiH is a slow-medium speed, two-handed weapon that deals high damage.


The Fire Axe in No More Room in Hell is an uncommon weapon that can be used to wipe out a large group of enemies, even though it consumes a some high amount of stamina. Its range is larger than the Hatchet's and has a high knockback chance on zombies, but has a lower attack rate.

A good strategy to deal with zombies is simply using the default swipe attack aiming at the targets head, and moving backwards or to the side. This save valuable stamina for the point where you need to escape a slowly growing horde or in the event of facing a runner.

Pros and Cons


  • Long range swings.
  • Reliable one-hit kills.
  • High damaging light attacks.


  • Uncommon melee weapon.
  • Charged attacks consume a lot of stamina.
  • Occupies a large amount of space in the inventory.


  • The Fire Axe is suspiciously similar to TF2 Pyro's Fire Axe.