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Weapon type: Melee
Rarity: ???
Damage: ???
Stamina Usage: ???
Mag Lite: ???
Class Name: me_chainsaw

Chainsaws are tools used in the lumber industry and in landscaping. They are usually powered with gasoline two-stroke motors and pull a bladed chain along a steel guide bar at very high speeds. The Chainsaw is a unique weapon in NMRiH in that it can behave like a standard melee weapon as well as an ammmunition-consuming melee weapon. If the player uses Alt Fire (Mouse 2, default), the engine will be turned on and fuel will be slowly consumed as it idles. Emitting sound, it will also attract zombies. When the player attacks, the chainsaw will be revved and held outward to cut through anything in the way of the blade.

The Chainsaw in NMRiH is a slow-medium speed (off) and high speed (on), two-handed weapon that deals low-medium (off) to very high (on) damage.


Pros and Cons


  • Damage while on is stupid high- can clear out 10, 20, even 30 zombies or more!
  • Kills runners and kids with no problem


  • SUPER rare
  • Damage without being on is bad
  • Needs fuel like a firearm
  • Cannot be used with a maglite