We are currently updating the articles for 1.09.0. Translated articles will need to be updated by their respective authors.


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This section contains the various language files that the mod is using. Feel free to update and revise any possible phrases that are incorrectly translated, or simply sound really weird :)

Before editing/revising the scripts, consult this thread

Languages that are ready for 1.07: English & Japanese

*As of 1.07 New lines were added*

The lines that must be translated from english are:

  • The "// survival mode" lines in closedcaption_english
  • Any reference to the Glock, Molotov, CZ858, TNT, and PSE Deer Hunter in nmrih_english
  • All of the GameUI_english text

Adding a new language don't know where to start?

These are the three original English pages that need translating to their own respective languages. Be sure to keep the syntax correct and email contact@nmrih.com if you have any questions.

To add a new page use the search bar to see if the page is already created ex "NMRiH_pirate" if there isn't a page you will be able to start it there.