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'''[[9mm Luger]]''' - Beretta M9, Heckler & Koch MP5A3
'''[[.22 LR]]''' - [[Ruger MKiii]], [[Ruger 10/22]]
'''[[.45 ACP]]''' - Colt National Match 1911, MAC-10
'''[[.308]]''' - [[Sako 85]]
'''[[.357 Magnum]]''' - Smith & Wesson 686-6, Winchester 1892
'''[[.357]]''' - [[Smith & Wesson 686]], [[Winchester 1892]]
'''[[.22 LR]]''' - Ruger 10/22
'''[[.45 ACP]]''' - [[Colt 1911]], [[Ingram Mac-10]]
'''[[7.62x39mm|7.62x39mm Soviet]]''' - Simonov SKS
'''[[12 Gauge]]''' - [[Beretta Perennia SV10]], [[Mossberg 500a]], [[Remington 870]], [[Winchester Super X3]]
'''[[.308|.308 Winchester]]''' - Sako 85 Deluxe
'''[[5.56mm]]''' - [[M16A4]]
'''[[5.56mm|5.56mm NATO]]''' - FN Herstal M16A4
'''[[7.62x39]]''' - [[CZ858]], [[SKS 7.62mm]]
'''[[12 Gauge|12 Gauge Buckshot]]''' - Beretta SV10 Perennia, Remington 870 Police Magnum, Winchester Super X3, Mossberg 500A
'''[[9mm]]''' - [[Beretta M92FS]], [[Glock]], [[Heckler & Koch MP5A3]]
'''[[12 Gauge Emergency Flares]]''' - Flare Gun
'''[[Arrow]]''' - [[PSE Deer Hunter]]
'''[[Fuel]]''' - Chainsaw
'''[[Flares]]''' - [[Flare Gun]]
'''[[Fuel]]''' - [[Chainsaw]]

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NMRiH features a unique mix of civilian, law enforcement and military firearms that all employ their real-world ammunition counterparts. Ammunition is a scarce resource compared to many other games, but it is generally abound enough to keep the pace of the gameplay intense with just enough action to satisfy.

Ammunition is usually hidden around levels on shelves, tables, cabinets, benches, and in areas once garrisoned by survivors or soldiers. Boxes of ammunition do not glow or radiate in any way to stand out to players. It is up to the player to keep an eye out for ammunition of any kind.

As a Gameplay Mechanic

Players have the ability to collect ammo for weapons that they do not currently have. Using the "Drop Ammo" radial menu players can drop a full box of ammo or all available ammo of that type, whichever comes first. Ammo sharing with other players is a key component to surviving in NMRiH.

Types of Ammunition

There are 9 different calibers of ammunition in No More Room in Hell, this is a full list of ammo types and weapons associated with each one.

.22 LR - Ruger MKiii, Ruger 10/22

.308 - Sako 85

.357 - Smith & Wesson 686, Winchester 1892

.45 ACP - Colt 1911, Ingram Mac-10

12 Gauge - Beretta Perennia SV10, Mossberg 500a, Remington 870, Winchester Super X3

5.56mm - M16A4

7.62x39 - CZ858, SKS 7.62mm

9mm - Beretta M92FS, Glock, Heckler & Koch MP5A3

Arrow - PSE Deer Hunter

Flares - Flare Gun

Fuel - Chainsaw